​Shiur Aleph and Beis Zal Mark Successful Year

One of the many new initiatives of the Board of Directors that opened this past year, was the dedicated staff and structured program for Shiur Aleph and Beis divsion ​of the Beis Medrash Oholei Torah. Headed by Rabbi Nison Deitsch, the division had a most successful year, and a great interest in next year’s enrollment has been shown.

Earlier this week, a tzeischem lesholom and a siyum of the “mivtzah torah” event took place with the entire hanhola as well as many parents and grandparents

Many members of the hanhola spoke as well as bochurim from the ​Beis ​Medrash, including Shmuel Gurary, Yechiel Goldberg, Mendel Vilenkin, Tzvi Dubrawsky and Shimon Lishner.

Over 20 of the talmidim finished the entire Mesechtes Baba Kama and passed rigorous testing. Most of them were tested on the entire mesechte bivas achas.

Rabbi Fitche Pewzner, long time mashpia said “in my 30 years in Oholei Torah, I’ve never seen something like this that so many Talmidim finished the mesechte baal peh, witch such enthusiasm and deep understanding”

There was also a Mivtzah Torah on Chassidus, where 10 Talmidim from Shiur Beis learned and were tested on the entire Sefer Ha’mamorim melukat gimmul, bivas achas. 7 talmidim from shiur alef were tested on the entire shaar hayichud veheamunah also bivas achas.

Rabbi Deitsch said “B”H we are very proud of the talmidim of shiur alef and beis, there is no question the Rebbe has a lot of nachas from these bachurim”.

Many of the fathers and grandfathers in attendance expressed how impressed they were with the shiur alef beis program, and the motivation that they saw in their sons excitement and learning.

The talmidim nicknamed the junior division as a “small yeshiva within a big yeshiva”.

The bachurim on their own initiative surprised the hanhola with gifts of seforim, to show their appreciation for all the effort the hanhola invested on their behalf.


  • 2. thank you oholei torah wrote:

    oholei torah shiur alef and beis is by far the best kept secret in lubavich

  • 3. a happy parents wrote:

    Yasher Koach to the Oholei Torah Board for allowing my (young) bochur to be close to home, yet feel that he gets the attentuon form an out of town yeshiva, and even more – without me drowning in debt!

    This really is the best kept secret!


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