Mesivta Students Rewarded with Skiing Trip

Students in Oholei Torah Mesivta enjoyed a skiing trip as a reward for participating in mivtzah preparing for Yud Shvat.

The Oholei Torah Mesivta constantly encourages and motivates their talmidim to grow and strive in their learning. This past z’man, as a hachana for Yud Shvat, the bochurim had their Hashkem Seder, where they came early for seder to learn and then were tested on the ma’amer Basi L’gani.

As a special prize, the talmidim were awarded a skiing trip, where they enjoyed the country winter weather, while having a chance to farbreng with the Tamidei HaShluchim and visit a kosher meat distributor in Pennsylvania.

Right from the start, the trip was arranged first class. They had 3 coach busses with refreshments waiting for them as they found their seats. To further teach the talmidim not to waste their time, special learning sheets were distributed so the bochurim could use their travel time in a productive manner.

The actual skiing trip took place at Montage Mountain Ski Resort near Scranton, Pennsylvania. And later they visited the David Elliot Poultry Plant, hosted by the Finck family.

The trip was coordinated by the Talmidei HaShluchim to the Mesivta –  Dovi Katz, Menachem Amar, Shachne Zirkind and Elya Chaim.

Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, Menahel, Rabbi Nissim Lagziel, Mashpia of Shiur Gimmel and Rabbi Zalman Laufer, Mashgiach, accompanied the talmidim.

As the talmidim returned, refreshed and re-energized to continue their learning, many of them have already joined a special Mivzta for Yud Aleph Nissan.

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