Purim in Kharkov Unhindered by Storms & Frigid Weather

Despite the snow storms and frigid cold weather thousands of people filled the Kharkov circus to hear the megilla and enjoy a full program in true Jewish Purim spirit.

At the entrance hundreds of men and boys put on tefillin, women and girls received Shabbos candles and everyone received Mishloach Manos.

The Or Avner Chabad school and kindergarten started the program with song and dance. Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz spoke about the importance of gathering the Jews together in unity as in the times of Mordechai. The vice governor of Kharkov Anatoly Babichev was so impressed that the Jewish community in Kharkov is so alive and vibrant and keeping its traditions .

This year, Rabbi Levi Raices together with the Cheder,Yeshiva Ketana, and EnerJew students livened up the Megilla reading dressed up as Jews in all kinds of professions! The monkeys and animals danced to Hava Nagilla and the acrobats to Jewish songs and the clowns put a smile on everyone’s faces!

The Purim spirit continued throughout the whole day with special programs in the kindergarten, school, Machon and Yeshiva and a program for youth and the Kollel. The snow didnt hold back the crowds who came to join the Seudas Purim in shule which was celebrated in Chinese style.

The Jews of Kharkov were kept warm by the simcha of Purim even in below zero temperatures.

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