Israeli Chief Rabbi Visits “Otzar Stam” in Tzfat

Israeli chief rabbi, Rabbi Dovid Lau, took some time out of a meeting of Dayanim to visit the “Otzar Stam” that is run by Kiriat Chabad in Tzfat, Israel.

Otzar Stam is a special campus that includes all the parts of producing Sta”m, and includes a visitors center and tour of the process of making Tefillin, Mezuzos and Sifrei Torah and is under the Hashgocha of the OK and Rabbi Don Yoel Levy.

Rabbi Lau was greeting by Shliach and director of the instituions Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, Rabbi Yosef Chitrik, Rabbi Sheur Zalman Kaplan and Rabbi Shaul Lighter.

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