Photos: Hundreds Turn Out in Support of KSCVK

Hundreds turned out on Motzai Shabbos for an evening of food an entertainment benefiting Keren Simchas Chosson VeKallah, the organization which assists with wedding expenses. The crowd enjoyed a lavish buffet followed by the amazing entertainment of Oz Pearlman, who using mind tricks kept the crowd riveted.


  • 1. Guy was amazing wrote:

    Was a shandeh and a busheh that not one person, of the people he called to have someone in mind, was thinking of the Rebbe, let alone a Jewish figure.
    They were all thinking about actors, actresses, goyeshe singers and sports players.
    אוי מה היה לנו

  • 3. To no1 wrote:

    That what I told my friend that if he whould of cut out pic of the rebbe on the paper I should of been more amazed

  • 4. to no 1. wrote:

    Its a bushe and a shande….Not G-D forbis a shande and bushe.

    Loshon Haodesh always comes first… whats wrong with you.

    Its because of people like you that we end up thinking only about actors etc.

    ok. I am only joking, I see your concern, is there anyway to be melamed zechus?


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