Photos: Over 1000 at Funeral for Eldest Chossid

Over 1,000 members of Anash and student of Oholei Torah took part in the Levaya for Reb Mendel Morosov OBM, who passed away at the age of 101 and was the eldest Chabad chossid and beloved Mashpiah. The Levaya passed in front of the school, to which he dedicated 60 years of his life, then passing by 770 and on to the cemetery.


  • 1. AlmaT wrote:

    Baroukh Dayan Haemet
    May he rests in peace in the kever close to the tzadikim, as he was a tsadik himself, a living torah of life and wisdom. Very sad news, i learnt a lot from this unique man who looked so young from the inside. sending all my thoughts to his family who is blessed to come from him. I only can imagine all the people he will meet again in the world of truth, they certainly will have a great study to welcome him… May his memory be a blessing for his family and all Am Israël.

  • 2. CHT wrote:

    Legendary Chonya Morozov, who was frozen to death and never betrayed his faith and his pupils, was his father.


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