NJ’s Largest Menorah Lit in Monroe Township

Monroe residents celebrated the first night of Chanukah with a large celebration featuring the state’s largest menorah.

Mr. Dreidel Man kicked off the celebration by lighting the first candle. Hot cocoa, doughnuts and latkes were served to keep everyone warm. Those celebrating said that Hanukkah represents positivity, freedom and hope.

“It’s just a beautiful celebration to be able to be here in a public space with hundreds of people around celebrating the light, celebrating the miracles that we have in our lives,” said Chabad Jewish Center director Rabbi Eliezer Zaklikovsky.

Zaklikovsky added that Hanukkah marks a time to show kindness to and help others.

Music was performed by the Odessa Klezmar Band, and cantor Shlomo Rabin. Greetings were shared by Monroe Councilwoman Betty Schneider and Miriam Cohen. The Mayor’s Chanukah proclamation was read by planning board chairman David Rothman, and a special Chanukah essay was shared by Rachel Lefkovic of Chabad Hebrew School.



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