Students Rewarded with Skiing Trip

This past week, students in Oholei Torah Mesivta enjoyed a day of skiing at Montage Mountain in Pennsylvania. The trip was a culmination of prizes and events for a month long mivtza connected with Yud Shvat.

For many bochurim it was a first time opportunity to hit the slopes and pick up the skills. To add a chassideshe atmosphere and goals to the trip, Bochurim were tasked with finding yidden to put on tefillin, recruits to buy letters in a sefer torah and learn a maamer baal peh. All this brought about true Kiddush Hashem, and showed the bochurim how a regular outing can be utilized for ruchnius

The bochurim  also toured of the nearby David Elliot poultry slaughterhouse where they got a detailed explanation of each step of the process of the shchita. The tour was given by R’ Moshe Fink, who runs the business together with his brother Shlomo.

The day came to a close with a delicious, hot, catered supper in the ski lodge, followed by a minyan for Maariv.

Throughout the past month, the bochurim of Oholei Torah Mesivta diligently prepared for Yud Shvat with a Mivtza geared to challenge each bochur according to his level.

Three different levels provided a wide array of options with which each individual could strengthen his hiskashrus; in learning, davening or Maaseh B’poiel. Each level had its own incentives along the way, including weekly raffles, prizes and a shabbaton.

The Mivtza culminated with farbrengens for each class into the night of Yud Shvat where new hachlotos were established. Many bochurim also resolved to continue strengthening all the areas they had developed throughout the Mivtza.

A special thank you to the Rapoport Shluchim of the area (Chabad of Abington) for their part in arranging and catering for the trip.

Special thanks to Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, Gedalya Hertz and Yosef Aron for coordinating the trip.

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