Kids of OK Employees Enjoy Chanukah Party

The children of OK Kosher employees had a blast at their annual Chanukah extravaganza, held Thursday, the 5th day of Chanukah, at Lubavitcher Yeshiva-580 Crown Street.

The children, aged 3 years to teens, arrived at 9:30 to a sumptuous breakfast of hot cocoa, pancakes and French toast sticks from Bunch O Bagels. Following breakfast, magician Joseph Fields wowed the audience with his funny jokes, incredible illusions, a real, live rabbit and balloon animals! A few lucky kids even got to be the magician’s assistants!

Following the show, the younger kids got busy coloring Chanukah pictures, making necklaces with foam beads, and other cute crafts, while the older group learned how to make complex beaded keychains, featuring either a little girl or a little boy. Of course, no OK kids’ party would be complete without the incomparable face painting by Pnina Hanoka of Face Art by Pnina. The kids queued up even before she arrived for the honor of being the first to get painted!

The afternoon concluded with a yummy lunch of pizza bagels, penne vodka, fish sticks and French fries, all wonderfully catered by OK certified Bunch O Bagels. When parents picked up their kids, they couldn’t stop talking about the fun they had!

Devorah Leah Hornbacher, longtime employee and mom of two attendees, told us, “Thank you for another amazing OK party; the kids wait for this the entire year!”

Another mom, Devorah Leah Chayo, said, “Thank you so much for making a fabulous Chanukah party! Our kids look forward to this all year long! They talk about the crafts they made, how they got their face painted, and how they’d like to get it done the next year. It has always been a very enjoyable event and we greatly appreciate it.”

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