NYPD Thanked at Brooklyn Menorah Lighting

In what has become a yearly tradition, members of the Brooklyn Jewish community thanked the local police chief and honored him with lighting The Largest Menorah.

This year the ceremony began with Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Senior Shliach to Brownstone Brooklyn, gifting a beautiful framed photo to Brooklyn South Chief Steven Powers from his lighting last year. Chief Powers thanked the rabbi for sponsoring the beautiful celebration and wished everyone a happy Chanukah and safe holiday.

Following that, Assistant Chief Charles (Chuck) Scholl was honored with distributing gifts to the children and lighting the 33.6 foot tall shamash. Chief Scholl was recognized for his decades of service and dedication to the Brooklyn Jewish community.

Mr. Daniel Malik, a proud parent and supporter of Chai Tots preschool, was honored with saying the Brochos and lighting the 6 candles.

Visit www.largestmenorah.com for remaining lighting times.

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