Friendship Circle Boys Celebrate Kislev

The boys’ division of the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn got together to celebrate the auspicious month of Kislev with a Farbrengen and Pre-Chanukah Party.

The program opened with a two part craft: assembling edible marshmallow dreidels, followed by trying their hands at decorating them with assorted colors of icing sugar.

A delicious pizza dinner was served, and the guys sat down for some inspirational words delivered by Rabbi Shmuel Benjamin. In his own unique way, who told over a story of the Rebbe, encouraging the boys to increase their Hiskashrus, each in their own unique way.

After a few ‘Kislev themed’ fun games, the program concluded with the group singing Pada B’shalom, which was followed by a repertoire of joyful songs and heartfelt dancing.

Special thanks is due to Mendel Weiss, coordinator of the Boys Division for organizing the event, and to the Bochurim, who on a weekly basis dedicate their dinner break to our children.

This is just one of the many ongoing programs and events the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn organizes for the children and young adults with special needs in our community. Your support of these programs is essential. Please join the FC’s end-of-year raffle campaign for a chance to win $10,000 – with only 500 tickets being sold – by visiting

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