Hundreds Attend Emotional Levaya for Young Bochur

Hundreds gathered in front of 770 to partake in the Levaya of HaBochur Avrohom Chaim Feldman OBM, the young 13-year-old who suddenly passed away.

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  • 1. Please read this wrote:

    Chasidim WAKE UP, Shtay Oif !! What is the message that we are supposed to be receiving in the death of som nay young chasidim? We must take on a personal cheshbon hanefesh and end this madness. Chaimke loved going to yeshiva, he loved learning and always tried to do more. An extra contest, he was part of it. The rabbeim in Oholei Menachem were his role models and inspiration . Ad Mossai , ad mossai

  • 2. ch'er wrote:

    definitely a korban for us- sucha temimusdike young child- cannot for his won sins..what do we as a community need to fix? maybe achdus? wake up yidden!!


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