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Jewish Pride on Display in Kensington

On Thursday, hundreds of boys and girls in Kensington, Brooklyn, came together in unity for an incredible Lag Ba’omer program.

The program was opened by the talented MC, Rabbi Shimon Rivkin. The 12 Psukim were said by children from local schools, followed by a few words by the Shliach to Kensington, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Levin. Live music was played throughout by Shalom Ber Gerlitzky, with clowns adding to the joyous atmosphere.

The highlight, a Live Aerial Acrobat Show, had the crowd amazed with their eyes glued to the performers.

Then came the parade – with Chabad of Flatbush joining with a Mitzva tank, double-decor bus and a car parade, titled: The M Parade. All 600 adults and children marched around the central blocks, continuing down Ocean Parkway to show their Jewish pride to all.

When the parade returned, every child received a free ice cream and cold soda. Three lucky children won the raffles for an electric Scooter, a set of Seforim and a watch.

Chabad Lubavitch of Kensington would like to thank the bochurim of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim of Weschester for all their help. Thank you to all the sponsors for your generosity, making it all possible.

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