Photos: Buying Back the Chometz

After having sold the Chometz before Pesach, Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky and Rabbi Shimon Hecht got together with Winston, the gentile who purchased the Chometz, and bought back the Chometz.

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  • 1. Ask the Lawyer wrote:

    Winston, please contact me.
    You need an experienced attorney to represent you next Pesach.

    I specialize in getting my clients the most money that the law allows when it comes to Chometz

    I charge nothing up front and take a third of the Chometz.

    The Wandering Jew

    • 2. Milhouse wrote:

      Oh yeah? And what’s your success rate, smarty-pants? On Erev Pesach the goy may be in a strong negotiating position, but on Motzei Pesach he’s in a very weak position; if we decide not to buy the chometz back he’s in deep trouble. He will have to pay for it all, at full appraised value, plus half the appraiser’s fee, and then pay more to haul it all away, and what will he do with it? The only reason we agree to buy it back and give him a small but decent profit is because if we don’t it may be difficult to find another sucker next year. So we play nice and he comes out ahead and happy. But if he tries to squeeze us he will be the big loser.

  • 4. The only thing necessary in this whole forum. wrote:

    Thank you very much Winston. May G-D bless you with success, health and happiness ! I as individual most definitely appreciate you! Thank you!

  • 7. Whoa, Millhouse... wrote:

    I’ve never known you to write a humorous comment, but, oh please, let there be a first time for everything. Otherwise you’ve just beat your record on the Chillul Hashem-ometer.


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