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Letter: How We Achieved a Stress-Free Erev Shabbos

Erev Shabbos is supposed to be a time of serene anticipation for the arrival of Shabbos. Instead, for many couples who work full time and have children, it can be a day of immense stress. One member of the Crown Heights community who struggled with this problem found a solution in Hayom Yom, and is eager to share his secret with the community.

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Op-Ed: Chabad is Not a Humanitarian Organization

“The other day I heard someone say Chabad was ‘a humanitarian Jewish organization.’ I cringed” writes Baila Olidort, the Director of Communications at Chabad-Lubavitch Headquarters. “Today we speak of social good and humanitarian causes as if they are millennial values. We are uneasy talking about things that aren’t politically correct, like G-d, chosenness, intermarriage, or the rituals and practices that identify us as Jews.”

Op-Ed: Healing the Racial Divide

Rabbi Avraham Lapine, director of Chabad at the University of Missouri, who lost his mother at the age of five to a brutal murderer who broke into their home, wrote the following op-ed about healing the racial divide engulfing the United States, which was printed in The Columbia Daily Tribune.

Op-Ed: Everyone Needs a Mashpia

With Gimmel Tammuz just 30 days away, Rabbi Shea Hecht writes “As good gift-givers know, finding a suitable gift involves figuring out what the person wants and needs. In preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, there is no need for guesswork! We know exactly what the Rebbe wants.”

Letter: Five Thoughts on Death

Following the tragic passing of Shliach Rabbi Moshe Muller, OBM, and another local member of Anash, Rabbi Mendel Gorman, OBM, a wave of sadness and mourning has filled the Lubavitch community of London. Seeking to break through this sorrow and bring light to the subject, Rabbi Levi Sudak of Edgeware, may he live and be well, wrote the following open letter to his fellow Shluchim and Anash in London – and around the world as well.

Op-Ed Response: Daf Yomi and the Yetzer Hara

In response to a recent op-ed written by Rabbi Alexander Heppenheimer of Crown Heights, who encouraged Lubavitcher Chassidim to take up the daily study of the Daf Yomi, which stirred much controversy due to the Rebbe’s purported distaste for the custom, renowned educator Rabbi Yossi Paltiel had this to say.

Op-Ed: Why Jews Should Vote for Ted Cruz

New Yorkers will head to the polls this Tuesday to pick their favored presidential candidate to represent their party in the national election. Crown Heights resident David Shor makes a compelling case for which candidate he believes deserves the Orthodox-Jewish vote – Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Op-Ed: Bochurim Are People Too

Fed up with the mistreatment and disrespect he endured at the hands of a Shliach whom he dedicated his Purim holiday to assist, a Lubavitcher Bochur details to Shluchim how Bochurim should ideally be treated, and why it’s important to treat them that way.

Op-Ed: Machlokes? Not for Us

by Anonymous

Machlokes. A terrible word that reviles all who hear it. Machlokes is something we are taught from the youngest age to avoid. Yet, we are surrounded by machlokes and many people are sucked into its vortex. Everybody knows machlokes is a fire that consumes, nonetheless we are surrounded by it and must keep our heads above water avoiding it.