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NYPD Begins Crackdown on Electric Scooters

The NYPD has begun a crackdown on electric bikes and the restaurants that use them, saying the use of such bikes are de facto illegal since they cannot be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

From the NY Daily News:

Cops have been given orders on how to issue tickets and seize the scooters seen buzzing up and down city streets and sidewalks. The goal is to increase “public safety by enforcing laws pertaining to the use of motorized scooters/electric bikes,” the NYPD documents show.

The electric bikes or e-bikes, which are powered by both pedals and small electric motors, can’t be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, police said, meaning they’re illegal on city streets and sidewalks.

“Technically they can’t be registered and they can’t be considered bicycles because they are not solely powered by human power,” said a high-ranking NYPD source. “It’s a problem that we get a lot of complaints about. We try to confiscate them as soon as we see them.”

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  • 1. Socialism wrote:

    This administration is destroying small business. Stop banning things. Create laws that help small business instead of going after them. Shame on De-Blasio.

  • 3. non-gender wrote:

    Another step in big governments design to control everything in our life. Yes, they can regulate them without all the huge crocadle tears that they are professing. In many cities, even bycicles are registered for safety and crime prevention. This is another city scheme to extort money from the public to finance the Mayor’s left wing agenda. If they wanted to regulate these items for security and safety, it could be easily done and have established rules of the road.

  • 4. K wrote:

    What about electric wheel chairs? They aren’t registered by the DMV and are also not powered by muscle power.

  • 6. Anonymous wrote:

    You mean that the manufacture of these bike is illegal? Then stop selling them. As long as they are on a legal market how can u stop consumers from its use?

  • 8. Register and regulate wrote:

    The same way you can make them illegal, you can also make them legal. Justrrest those who drive on the sidewalk, the wrong way down the street or without a light at night.(after they deliver the food!!!)
    Leave the rest alone.


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  • 10. Nobody wrote:

    So why is there no way to register these with the DMV?

    If laws don’t keep up with technology, they just confiscate the technology.

    • 11. awacs wrote:

      Basically because they don’t have VIN’s. They don’t have VINs because the Feds decided that they are ‘consumer products’ not ‘motor vehicles’ and therefore don’t need to registered.

      Confused? So am I.

  • 12. MaDDinBklyn wrote:

    What is up with lawmakers these days rushing to put new laws in effect because of a few loudmouth complainers which also happen to effects thousands or millions of the non-complainers who don’t give a damn, and are just happy living their lives. Put the complainers in a floating bubble and leave the rest of us alone.

    • 13. Milhouse wrote:

      What new law? There is no new law, the police are just cracking down on people who have been flouting the law for a long time.

    • 14. Awacs wrote:

      And the law that they are starting to enforce, Milhouse, is of questionable legality due to Federal preemption. But I’m sure you knew that.


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