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NYC’s Birthrate Plummets to Lowest Level Since 1936

New Yorkers are keeping their nests empty. According to data published by The New York Post, the city’s birth rate is the lowest since 1936 — having steadily declined over the past decade.

Blacks had the lowest birth rate citywide, with 12.7 per 1,000 — and more black women are having abortions than babies, at a rate of 55 percent.

Orthodox Jews, on the other hand, are being fruitful and multiplying. Borough Park, says The Post, is easily the city’s baby capital, with a robust birth rate of 27.9 per 1,000 residents. In 2013, some 5,458 babies were born in the Brooklyn enclave.

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  • 1. thats crazy wrote:

    its the fault of the shidduch crises lets do somthing quick oy gevald

    • 2. No worries. wrote:

      Earth population is to reach 9 billion in the next 20 years, so there nothing to worry about but resources.

  • 3. Tuition wrote:

    With tuition pricing being what it is, who can blame the young, struggling parents

  • 5. Moishe wrote:

    To: 2. No worries

    If you worry about too many people and few resources, you go first.

    • 7. Moishe wrote:

      To #6
      If you need to ask where to do, i can suggest few places: Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building just to name a few.

      Those who hold believe that the world has too many people can lead by example.

    • 8. hit a nerve wrote:

      Thanks for the child like response.
      Funny how you lack good reading comprehension skills. I clearly said the earth population is increasing.

      I thought China was leading by example.

  • 9. delve wrote:

    Please learn the rebbes schos about the benefit of having children and those who are concerned about parnassa.

  • 10. Tuition wrote:

    I agree with #3, I have 6 kids and my tuition bill is almost $50K. The schools need to come up with a new

  • 11. Of course wrote:

    It now makes sense. That’s how the hipster, millennials, can afford to give 60% of their paycheck (according to another recent NY Post article), towards ridiculously ever-increasing NYC/Brooklyn rent. Something had to give. The cycle will eventually reverse, and rents will drop, and babies will be born.


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