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Purim Day Snowstorm to Leave 3-5 Inches

Usually a harbinger of spring, this year Purim day will be a harsh reminder of the lingering winter’s record-breaking snow and cold, with 3-5 inches expected to accumulate on the streets of winter-weary New York.

The first round of this weather system arrived Tuesday afternoon in the form of snow and sleet. As warmer air works into the storm from the south, snow and sleet will change to rain Tuesday night into Wednesday.

On Thursday, Purim day, temperatures are expected to plunge again to below freezing, and 3-5 inches of snow are expected to accumulate by evening.


  • 1. Chaim wrote:

    Please G-d almighty, for the children, the children I tell you!!!

  • 3. update wrote:

    The national weather service & the
    have updated the snow amounts to 4 -8 Inches for NYC

  • 5. an idea! wrote:

    Everyone dresses up as snowmen!( i’m so tired of this weather!)may we still all have a freilichin purim!

  • 6. perfect timing!!:( wrote:

    no!! purim is about leaving and delivering to other people!! This cant happen!

  • 7. Los Angeles wrote:

    It will b 86 in Los Angeles today on purim could u believe it !!


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