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Police: Brooklyn Burglars Posed As Utility Workers


Police are looking for a pair of burglars who posed as utility workers to gain entrance to homes in the Mapleton section of Brooklyn.

The first burglary occurred on Friday afternoon on Ryder Avenue.

The other came on Tuesday afternoon on 59th Street, where the above surveillance video was taken.

In both cases, the victims were convinced to let one or both of the burglars into their homes and take them to look at electrical equipment.

As the female suspect pretended to inspect it, a male suspect went through the home, taking money and jewelry.

Both victims were elderly women.

“I’ve never heard anything like that happening around here at all. And I’ve been in the neighborhood for 32 years. It’s scary, it is very, very scary,” said one Mapleton resident.

The female suspect is described as 5’5″ tall, weighing 140 pounds with dark brown hair.

The male suspect is about six feet tall with light brown hair.


  • 2. Rdz wrote:

    No, the couple going around ch last week, or at least the one that I saw, worked for IDT. they claim that they need to see our utility bill to make sure you are getting some sort of discount or low rate. If they see you are not signed up with IDT, they try to convince you to switch to them. Pretty sneaky and dishonest. I tell them no and if they were with my energy company, they could check any info they need necessary at they office.


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