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NYC Marks Another Year of Declining Crime Rates


Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday praised the city’s police and fire departments for making 2011 one of the city’s safest years ever.

The mayor says overall crime is down again and the city recorded the second fewest fire deaths on record.

He says the city is on pace to record a little more than 500 murders this year, the third lowest in history.

That marks 10 straight years the city has seen fewer than 600 homicides.

The mayor says there was an increase in rapes, but attributes that to more victims coming forward, rather than an increase in incidents.

Fire officials say improvements in technology led to faster response times for fires, helping to drive down fire deaths.

The mayor says despite a tough fiscal situation, both the NYPD and FDNY passed the year with flying colors.

“Even working under tight budget constrains, our finest and bravest have once again kept New York as our nation’s safest big city,” Bloomberg said.

“I think the decline in murders is the best indicators of just how safe this city has become,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

“We’re saving more lives by preventing more fires from occurring. And when the fires do start, we’re getting there faster than before. And once on the scene, we’re doing a more effective job of preserving life and property,” said Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano.

The mayor credits the success of the police and fire departments for the city’s growing population and surging tourism numbers.


  • 3. Danny wrote:

    Ya I can tell in the past few weeks ppl got robbed for a laptop in front of there house a 38 yr old lady got killed broke in to card etc just in the past 3 weeks

  • 4. Go police!!!!!!! wrote:

    Police are the coolest! Every body is scared of them for a good reason! its not like they r scared of some one because they threten them! the police are doing good work!

  • 5. Crown Heights resident wrote:

    Crime might be down, but that does not justify more than 50 shootings on Labor Day in Crown Heights.

  • 6. conserns wrote:

    500 murders is a lot get down to zero . That s pretty scary. 500.Inrease in rapes, is this is low nmbers. Thank you police for makeing the numbers lower e ven if they are quit large

  • 7. don-t allow police reports wrote:

    When you don’t allow crime to be reported or just deny it happened by cooking all the records, I’m surprised they haven’t erased more crime. Putting sand in your eyes!!


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