Shocking Vandalism: Mezuzah Scroll Defaced with “Allah Ahbar”

In a shocking case of vandalism, a Willimasburg man found the words “Alah Ahbar” scrawled on mezuzah scroll of him home. The vandalism is believed to have been perpetrated by a construction worker that had recently done work at his home.


A man living on Rodney St in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn made a disturbing discovery, when he recently went to have his mezuzos checked, reported Williamsburg News on twitter.

The man reportedly had construction workers at his home, and after they completed their work, he brought his mezuzos to be checked.

The scribe made a shocking discovery when he found that someone had scrawled the words “Alah Ahbar” across the scroll with a marker.

As a mezuzah is considered to be a religious measure of protection to a home, such vandalism, with its anti Semitic meaning, is considered exceptionally heinous.

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