Truck Plows Through Jewish Cemetery in Paris

This morning, a city-owned truck plowed into a Jewish cemetery in Paris, France, toppling numerous headstones and sending jitters through the hearts of the local Jewish community.

The French Police have declared the incident an accident, but local Jews aren’t buying it, a community member told

Paris has seen a dramatic rise in Islamic terrorism and antisemitism in recent years, and the Jewish community lives in a state of constant trepidation.

The incident occurred in the northeastern suburb of Pantin.

Photos by Mordechai Lubecki


  • 1. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Accident my foot–too much damage to be an accident. The person who did that ought to be whipped in public as an example.

    • 2. Meir wrote:

      Why? It’s no different than what your socialist pals did in Eastern Europe, destroying Jewish cemeteries to build sports centers and parks.

  • 3. ok wrote:

    I thought that France doesn’t have a Jewish Cemetery, because every few years the government removes all bodies?

  • 4. The kangeroo wrote:

    Beleive the police if nthey say it was an accident.If the Jews cry wolf all the time the holocaust will be viewed as fake news by people who are not inclined to do so.

  • 5. yeah sure it was an accident wrote:

    the people denying it are as bad if not worse than the people doing it

  • 7. !! wrote:

    I don’t know for sure what happened but sometimes accidents do happen to Jewish people.
    not everything that happens has to be the worst possible scenario
    we can’t have someone arrested or killed every time something happens that makes a Jew unhappy

  • 8. TZIVIA PEKKAR.[C.H] wrote:

    B.H. Wake up Yidden.
    This was done on purpose, no accident.
    The Sona Yisroel, can’t even leave the people in the cemetery to rest in peace.

  • 9. a pic is worth a 1000 words.... wrote:

    A) hard to believe it was/can be accident bc the truck would have stopped on its own by the large obstacles…

    B) not “toppling numerous headstones” but rather 100’s of stones broken or damaged .

    Mendel from Paris


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