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UN Committee Passes Nine Resolutions Against Israel in One Day

by Algemeiner Staff

A special committee of the United Nations General Assembly on Friday voted in favor of nine resolutions attacking the State of Israel — with the rest of the world left unmentioned.

The resolutions were passed in quick succession by the General Assembly’s “Fourth Committee,” which is also known as the “Special Political and Decolonization Committee.”

While the committee’s mandate covers a host of disconnected issues from peacekeeping to the uses of outer space, much of the focus of its work concerns the Palestinian question. In political terms, the committee is a significant source of support for UNRWA, the UN body dedicated solely to Palestinian refugees of the 1948 war and their descendants. It also operates the “The Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices Affecting the Human Rights of the Palestinian People and Other Arabs of the Occupied Territories” — which created in 1968 at the instigation of the Soviet Union and its Arab allies.

Friday’s resolutions saw Israel condemned for alleged human rights abuses, its “occupation” of eastern Jerusalem, and its “occupation” of the Golan Heights captured from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War. The ongoing civil war in Syria itself, and the continuing abuse of human rights in the devastated Arab country, made no appearance in Friday’s deliberations.

One resolution completely ignored Palestinian violence as it emphasized “the responsibility of Israel, the occupying Power, to investigate all acts of settler violence against Palestinian civilians and their properties and to ensure accountability for these acts.”

Another resolution condemned Israel for refusing to cooperate with the Special Committee to Investigate Israeli Practices, claiming as well that the continued crisis in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip — which Israel withdrew from completely in 2005 — was the consequence of “unlawful Israeli practices and measures.”


  • 1. See through the BS and admit the truth wrote:

    I guess Jews NEED to agree with each other and being so smart and inventive should find a way to to be seen favorably in the eyes of hashem and Mankind !
    Gay marriage in the state of Israel isn’t tolerable ! Hashem will punish Israel for the sins that are being tolerated by it !
    Im going to refrain from lambasting it fir emulating the ways of San Francisco and Boston and the US and Ireland !
    The truth is becoming more concerning than ever !
    Israel needs tzedakah in the form of words of wisdom it can not afford to pervert the Torah !

    • 3. me wrote:

      we are not giving back land
      we are unfortunately giving away land..
      it is ours and we should be holding on to every single inch of land!!

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    So what else is new???
    Is it not about time to start contacting our federal represpresentatives to urge them to withdraw the United States from the UN as that body has become a living violation of its purpose, full of coruption and acting antithesis of its foundation; and, its duo purpose is to take money from the United States and condemn Israel

  • 5. Jay from LI wrote:

    @ # 4 – Great Idea.

    Your federal representative for the US House of Rep is Yvette Clarke, who voted for the Iran Deal, graduated from Medgar Evans, and who probably would be turned down for a job as a Walmart greeter. She has been criticized as not producing any significant legislation in her many years of office.
    Her mother is the very powerful Uma Clarke who is a kingpin in Brooklyn politics.

    In the last democratic primary, Clarke beat her democratic opponent, Bunkeddeko, by only about 1000 votes.

    So, if you want a strong voice for Israel, tell your registered Republicans to register as democrats so they can vote in the democratic primary and get a strong pro-Israel voice in Congress. After registering as democrats these “Republican confederates” can vote Republican in the general election. Ninety percent of the vote in the general election for the US House of Rep seat in CH went democrat, so the only game in town is to register as a democrat. Y’all have a few years to plan this stuff before the next federal election.

    The federal district is much larger than the state and city council districts, yet no one is voting in the democratic primary, so rise up early and go to battle…


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