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Giant Sukkah in Midtown Manhattan


As in previous years, the Chabad House of Manhattan, directed by Rabbi Yehoshua Metzger has constructed a giant Sukkah in the center of the city, resembling a sophisticated restaurant. The Sukkah will be opened 24 hours a day catering to a huge crowd of businessmen and tourists who visit it on a daily basis.

The Sukkah, which in itself become a tourists attraction, is located on 40th and 5th in the Bryant Park with is right next to the midtown branch of the New York Public Library, which, as the rumor has it, is where the Rebbe stood over sixty years ago distributing leaflets called ‘Lialter Letshuva – Lialter Ligeula’ (a declaration of the previous Rebbe indicating that repentance will hasten the redemption). Rabbi Metzger calls all the Tmimim who intend to do Mivtzoim in the area to tell the Jews they encounter about this Sukkah.

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