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A Weekly Medical Minute: Metformin, the Non Magical Weight Loss Pill

Obesity in the United States is not a small problem. According to the CDC, nearly 35% of adults suffer from Obesity, bringing the problem of being overweight to epidemic proportions.

Obesity, despite what many people think, is not only caused by overeating. Obesity can be caused by many factors, including genetics, hormones, metabolism, and other medications being taken.

Yet obesity, whatever the origin, brings with it many bad, and dangerous effects. Pre-diabeties, joint and muscle injuries, and high blood pressure, are all possible effects from obesity that can change a persons life forever, and not for the better.

Despite researchers looking for a cure for obesity for many years, the present recommendation to treat obesity is still the time tested treatment of diet and exercise.

Still, many people struggle to lose weight, jumping from one diet to another, or struggling to find the time to do proper exercise. From homeopathic remedies to surgery, people attempt to find a solution, but most of them are only temporary.

Yet studies have shown a medication that coupled with a good diet and exercise, can safely help with weight loss.

Metformin (Glucophage,) is a plant based medication approved by the FDA to treat Type-2 Diabetes, and is used alternatively to treat other illnesses. It has also had some success helping those looking to lose weight. Unlike some other “Magical” weight Loss pills, Metformin is shown to help lose weight over time, with the time span over years rather than weeks or months.

It’s also surprisingly cheap, just 5 cents a pill. That along with it’s incredible safety profile, with very few possible side effects, make it an incredible option. Its has so many good health benefits, that in 2017, an Israeli researcher dubbed it the best longevity pill known to science (Click Here).

If you are over weight and have pre-diabetes, speak to your Primary Care Physician to see if this or other medications might help you.

– Dov Landa PA-C
  Clinical Director
  Tov Health Pomona, NY

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