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Kasich Suspends Campaign, Clears Path for Trump

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is leaving the Republican presidential contest, giving Donald Trump a clear path to his party’s nomination.

From the Washington Post:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich — who ran as a sunny, moderate “Prince of Light and Hope,” but won only his home-state primary — will bow out of the Republican presidential race on Wednesday after a defeat in Indiana, his senior campaign advisers said.

The departure — which Kasich will announce at 5 p.m. in Columbus, Ohio — fully clears the field for front-runner Donald Trump as the GOP nominee. Another rival, Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), ended his bid Tuesday night.

Kasich, 63, entered the race with an impressive résumé: 18 years in the House, where he built a reputation as a budget cutter; a stint as a Fox News Channel host; and four years as the popular governor of a presidential swing state.

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  • 1. Too Late wrote:

    He should have dropped out before Ohio so Ted Cruz would have those delegates. Now it’s too late and Trump will be the GOP nominee.
    Sure hope he can beat Hilary.

  • 2. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #1 Yes, he should have dropped out earlier as he had no chance, but neither did Cruz who was too rigid on so many issues instead of making the issues fit his philosophy. In the end he would have been given the business by the establishment as they now try desperately to do it to Trump
    Jeb Bush was the Republican establishment’s ideal–we can control condidate–for their own benefit.

  • 3. To #2 wrote:

    What are you talking about he could have won big time, he was just amazing on all his policies.


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