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Ex-convict: I killed granny

NY Daily News

The ex-con who allegedly stabbed to death a Brooklyn great-grandmother was angry that her sister didn’t pay him enough for their sham marriage, police sources said.

Anderson Scrubb, 50, had married a sister of 69-year-old Gloria Boney so that the woman could get a green card, the sources said.

But Scrubb said the family had only paid him half of the $5,000 they promised for his bogus union with Jocelyn Ford. And when Boney refused to pay up and threatened to tell the authorities on Saturday, Scrubb snapped, the sources said.

“He got scared,” a police source said.

Scrubb, who was released from prison in 2003 after serving nine years for robbery, allegedly stabbed Boney in the head and strangled her inside her second-floor apartment in Crown Heights on Saturday afternoon.

He was grilled Sunday at the 71st Precinct stationhouse, where he confessed, sources said.

He had visited the churchgoing great-grandmother in an attempt to collect the money that he believed her family owed him for the marriage, which had been annulled, sources said.

Family members became concerned Saturday afternoon when Boney, originally from Trinidad, didn’t pick up her phone despite promising to baby-sit for her 3-year-old great-grandson.

A former nanny in Manhattan, Boney returned last week from a trip to Atlantic City, where she and her daughter received facials and spa treatments.

The daughter, 49-year-old Maria Boney, said she didn’t recognize Scrubb’s name and didn’t know about his arrest.

“We have no information. We haven’t been told anything,” she said. “We need our time to grieve right now.”

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