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Bochur Fell From The Roof Of 1414 Dorm

Shmais – COL

An Israeli Bochur is in critical condition Wednesday afternoon following a 4-story fall from the world famous dormitory of Tomchei Tmimim @ 1414 President St. in Crown Heights.

The incident happened shortly after 2:00am Wednesday morning.

According to one witness the Bochur had offered to help some friends who were locked out of their room on the 4th floor of the dorm. Some rope was tied together and the Bochur was being lowered down slowly from the roof to the window of the room when one of the ropes broke loose and the Bochur fell.

Hatzolah raced to the scene and rushed the Bochur to nearby Kings County hospital where he remains in ICU.

Everyone is asked to please say Tehillim & give Tzedaka for a Refua Shleima for Avrohom ben Penina Perel.

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