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Unattended Menorah Sparks Home Fire

A fire broke out Motzai Shabbos in the basement of a Montgomery Street home. A neighbor said that it was likely caused by an unattended menorah.

The fire broke out in the basement of a house on Montgomery Street near Kingston Avenue at around 10:00pm.

Firefighters arrived within minutes and quickly had the fire under control.

B”H there were no reported injuries, though the fire and smoke likely caused damage.


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  • 1. Unattended? wrote:

    Unattended Menorahs don’t cause fires…. I wouldn’t care if not for the Religions blaming after past fire that killed 7. Important to be careful about such things. Unattended Menorah burn just find, as do attended ones. Perhaps it was an “ill-placed” Menorah that would be a more accurate term.

  • 4. B"H no one was hurt wrote:

    A neighbor said that it was “likely” caused by an unattended menorah.
    Was this just a guess? Could it have been an electric fire? Careless smoking?

  • 5. Another fire started with the plastic kit wrote:

    Hatzoloh warned many times the Chineese and Israeli plastic menorah is a death trap to happen
    Don’t use them
    The flame burns thru the plastic oil cups then thru the table .
    But only glass menorah kits
    Never leave a menorah unattended !!
    Luckily the working smoke alarm saved the house
    Sue the seller and manufactures of theses illegal plastic menorah kits

  • 6. Law suit against plastic menorah kits needed wrote:

    How many more fires are needed till the stores get the message the 29.00 menorah pre filled kits are dangerous
    The pre filled cups are plastic , the flame melts them
    This fire was caused by these pre filled menorahs ,
    Home owners : don’t let Bochurim light these menorahs they end up burning in your home ,
    Never leave any menorah burning unattended !!
    You want to go on MivtZaim ! ? Make sure the Chanukah menora is extinguished !

  • 7. From Your good friend wrote:

    Hi Mendel is that you ?
    I do recognize the BiGGs clock on the portch!!
    I use it every day when I go to Shul!!
    I hope you are ok!!
    I love all great inventions
    That you do for the Community !!

    Btw the Shabbs Alarn needs painting!!

    All the best!!


  • 8. To #1: You're reckless wrote:

    Your comments are reckless and irresponsible.
    Candles of ANY kind (Shabbos, Chanukah, etc.) should NEVER be left unattended.

  • 9. Insurance fire wrote:

    B”h for life insurance any responsible person
    Is certain to have their fire insurance policy current
    This is a good reminder to check your policies to make sure they are current

    It’s also good to have your insurance company have a alternate contact to reach before a policy lapses
    Sometimes renewal or cancellation notices gets lost to primary holder

  • 10. Zalmy Schapiro wrote:

    I agreed the main thing nobody was hurt please be careful next time :) ;)


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