Oholei Torah 8th Grade Announces New Summer Requirements

Oholei Torah Mesivta has announced a change in its requirements for incoming students. The change was announced as a way of creating peace of mind for parents, as well as a positive atmosphere for the students.

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Starting this coming year, any 8th grade student in Oholei Torah that wishes to enter Mesivta at Oholei Torah will be required to attend Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston (YKK) in Kingston New York.

The change was announced in response to growing concern from parents and students as each summer approaches, and anxiety over summer plans overshadows school.

With recent success and significant improvements to the quality of the Yeshivas Kayitz program, as well as the many upgrades to the property at YKK, the Hanhola of Oholei Torah believed that this change would be to the benefit of the Talmidim.

Yeshivas Kayitz Kingston Kingston is led by Hanahla members of the Oholei Torah Mesivta.

8th Grade Important Notification

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