Tree Falls On Moving Car In Crown Heights

A tree fell on a moving car driving on a Crown Heights street Wednesday afternoon. The tree was brought down by high winds caused by an incoming storm.


A tree came crashing down on a Crown Heights street late Wednesday afternoon, blocking the street and landing on two vehicles, one of them being driven at the time.

Fire fighters responded to Carroll St between Brooklyn Ave and New York Ave, and found two cars under the tree. One was an Empire Kosher van, with its roof caved in under the thick tree limb. The second was an SUV, with a father and two children on board.

There were no reports of serious injuries, and the firefighters have cleared the road.

An incoming storm has brought high winds and rain to the area, bringing down trees throughout the city.

Empire Kosher van full of food stuck under tree on Carroll street. You shabbas delivery may be delayed. The driver is okay. No injuries

— Yaacov Behrman (@ChabadLubavitch) August 7, 2019

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