Siyum Harambam Celebrated in Empire Shtibel

A Siyum HaRambam and Farbrengen was held in Empire Shtibel in Crown Heights, with a large crowd and special guests. The event included a Seudas Mitzvah and a lineup of speakers.


Empire Shtibel in Crown Heights was a packed house Monday evening for the annual Siyum Harambam and farbrengen.

The event was organized by Yossi Horowitz, and included a seudas mitzvah and lineup of incredible speakers. The even was MC’ed by Rabbi Kastel, with the Siyum HaRambam being made by Harav Moshe Bogomilsy.

Haschalas HaRambam was done by Harav Shmuel Heber, and a Siyum Mesechta by Rabbi Shneur Zalman Shanowitz. The crowd was also addressed by Rabbi Zirkind, and Rabbi Zushe Feldman.


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