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Bais Rivkah, the flagship Lubavitch school for girls, is not just a school. Named after our dear Rebbetzin Rivka, mother of Tomchei Temimim, whose courage and stories have so uplifted us, Bais Rivkah is a world-wide community. A movement.

How many students have passed through Bais Rivka’s doors? How many lives has Bais Rivka transformed forever? Where are all those students today?

In preparation for Yud Shevat, the Yartzeit of Rebbetzin Rivka, a group of dedicated BRHS students embarked on a mission to find out those answers, launching the BAIS RIVKA FAMILY PROJECT.

A database was created, pictures were dug up, investigations were made, and B”H we are looking forward to achieving even more with the help of all Bais Rivka alumni!

On Yud Shevat, in a special segment of our full day program, our findings so far were proudly presented to the school in a dramatic, empowering video.

A photo gallery in our lunchroom displayed countless old pictures of Bais Rivka girls, and we had a great time picking out and recognizing long graduated family and friends!

Our Bais Rivka pride reached its peak when we had the tremendous Zechus of seeing three generations of Bais Rivka alumni right before us- Morah Chana Gorowitz, Mrs. Elka Kaplan, and Yehudis Kaplan-all proud BRHS graduates!
They spoke about how lucky we are to be a part of a such a massive, empowering global family, and how to utilize every second while we are here. Mrs. Gorowitz said a heartwarming story of a Bais Rivka girl who lost her way in life and was brought back through the love of a fellow Bais Rivka sister.

We then received pins with the Bais Rivka logo on it, to serve as a constant reminder for us to spread our light with us wherever we go.

We all left school that day with our heads held high, feeling so privileged to be part of the Rebbe’s school. We also felt proud to share our resources, including a film that we made and workshops that we prepared, to alumni whatsapp groups.

To continue building up the alumni database, Bais Rivkah is proud to announce the launching of Bais Rivkah Alumni International! The mission is to Unite and Inspire the worldwide community of Beth Rivkah alumni by perpetuating our lifelong education through events, programming, content, support, publications, networking, and sisterhood. The first project of BR Alumni International will be the publication of a printed magazine- Embrace. It will be a platform to share ideas, gain insights, and express the passions of alumni through articles, poems, or art.

The theme of the first issue is education, and we want to hear from you, either as a response to the following column or your views and perspectives:

Chinuch Tank – If you had $25,000 to pitch an idea in Chinuch to improve our girls education, what would it be?

The deadline to submit your response or an article for the first issue is February 12. Submissions can be sent to

To sign up to join BR Alumni International and receive the magazine, please visit

If you have your grade’s most updated contact list, please email

Look out for BR Alumni International at the Resource fair next Sunday! Sign up, take a picture, and share your suggestions with us!

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