Oholei Torah Mesivta Holds Melavah Malka

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Teruma, the Oholei Torah Mesivta celebrated a Father and Son Melaveh Malka in the grand Ballroom of Oholei Torah’s eastern parkway campus. A full catered seudah was served.

As the fathers and sons entered the ballroom – they posed for a portrait, which was printed as a magnet for them to take home, as a memento of the evening.

Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, menahel, opened the event with the importance of the day, being the Yarzheit of Reb Michoel Teitelbuam a”h, the founder of Oholei Torah. Rabbi Dovid Kahanov was the master of ceremonies, and added a chassidishe warmth to the melaveh Malka in his unique manner.

Speakers included Rabbi Schneur Zalman Hertzel, spoke on behalf of the parents, and explained the uniqueness and specialty of Mazel and Bracha.  The noted mashpia Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, was the main speaker, and he encouraged the talmidim to join in the special niggunim that are traditional sung on motzei Shabbos during a melavah Malka.  HaTomim, Shlomo Delevkovitz spoke on behalf of the talmidim.

A special presentation was shown by Rabbi Levi Greisman of the recently published sefer –The Early Years from JEM offices.

A raffle of a brand new meggilah, sponsored by Rabbi Moshe Klein, of HaSofer, was won by Yosef Yerushalmi.

The participants enjoyed the Melaveh Malka with chassideshe niggunim played by Ya’akov Y. Peikarski, Mendel Tzietlin and Shua Katzman

Rabbi Wilhelm also thanks the Rabbi Gedalya Hertz, who put much time and energy into the yearly event, as well as the PTA for their sponsorship. Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm made a special mention of Mrs. Esty Kugel, who devoted much effort into the success of the evening, and in many other important projects of the Oholei Torah Mesivta.



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