New Weekly Halacha Kollel in Crown Heights

Over the past year and a half, men have been gathering in the evenings for weekly learning sessions specially designed for their busy schedules. Now, a new Kolel dedicated to learning Halacha is being inaugurated.

Already in two separate locations in the community, in Beis Haknesses Anash on Montgomery St. and the Besht Center on Empire Blvd., close to 100 men show up to learn Chassidus every Thursday night, inspired by the age-old minhag in Lubavitch to learn Chassidus all night as a preparation for Shabbos.

This week, a new division of the Kollel dedicated to learning Halacha is being inaugurated. The importance of knowing Halacha is known to all, so what better way to fulfill this obligation?

Every Tuesday, there will be a structured hour-long program focusing on the halachos relevant to day-to-day life. It will begin with 45 minutes of learning bechavrusa followed by a short shiur to supplement the day’s learning. Light refreshments will be served.

The first session will be on Tuesday, 17 Teves, at 8:45pm, followed by maariv at 9:45pm.

To join, show up this Tuesday with your chavrusa at Beis Knesses Anash, 770 Montgomery St. with your own copy of Kitzur Shulchan Aruch (with piskei admor hazaken). There will be monetary bonus offered to regular attendees, generously sponsored by Rabbi Dovid Fisher.

Please contact Rabbi Yakov Yosef Raskin at 347-770-2174 for more information or if you would like help finding a chavrusa, or Rabbi Sruly Clapman at 917-442-6603 about the Besht division. A monthly duch will be read at the Rebbe’s ohel with the names of all members.

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  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Nachus and kudos to the initiators, sponsors and participants.
    It’s a pleasure to read that something like this is happening in Crown Hts.
    I do not live in Crown Hts but too often we read things that should not be publicized b’chlal and for sure not on any public site –
    this type of article makes me proud of my old hood.


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