Jewish Woman Stalked and Harassed While Walking in Crown Heights, Perpetrator Arrested

A Jewish woman was stalked and harassed by a man on a Crown Heights street Thursday, when he stopped her from passing and made ant-Semitic, and anti-White statements. The man was arrested by the NYPD.


A Jewish woman walking with her sister and a baby carriage on a Crown Heights street Thursday afternoon, found her way blocked by a man spewing anti-Semitic and anti-White statements.

The woman had been walking on Lincoln Rd just past Nostrand Avenue around 2:00pm, when the man, described as a black male, stepped up to her, blocking her path.

The man stated “I don’t want any white people or Jews on my block,” attracting the attention of another man, who stepped in, and engaged the perpetrator in conversation.

The woman was able to walk across the street, but the man began to stalk her, following her from behind.

The woman called her husband and Crown Heights Shomrim for help. When the woman’s husband arrived, the man began acting like he was armed, and stuck his hand in his waistband.

Shomrim volunteers followed the man until the police arrived, and the man was taken into custody for stalking, harassment, and menacing.

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