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Shomrim Apprehend Shoplifter with $200 of Soap

A shoplifter was apprehended after walking out of the Empire Kosher supermarket with over $200 worth of soap.


An Empire Kosher store worker alerted his manager after he noticed a shopper loading items into her purse and other bags, together they kept an eye on her and once she walked out of the store without bothering to pay first, they called Shomrim and began chasing her.

The shoplifter, a woman in her 30’s, was quickly cornered by a large number of Shomrim volunteers as she attempted to take refuge inside of a Jewish families home.

When police arrived the manager showed the officers the items she took, which included soaps and cleansers with a retail value of over $200, all stuffed in two different bags and even a wheeled cart. She was promptly placed under arrest.


  • 3. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    Not meaning to make light of theft but is this story for real? Who needs $200 worth of soap? I recently bought $6 worth and that’ll last for months.

  • 4. If only.... wrote:

    Maybe she was taking for the French people and Israelis coming for Pesach?

  • 5. Izzy wrote:

    In the last picture you can see the police holding the handcuffs
    Maybe they let her go?

  • 7. notice the uggs she is wairing she probobly stole them too wrote:

    she probobly stole them too

  • 8. rrmee wrote:

    how did they find her,
    it looks like she took all that stuff and went to her house? I don’t get it

  • 9. she was trying wrote:

    she was trying to wash her hands clean……….
    and needed lots and lots of soap …….

  • 10. i knew that would happen wrote:

    that rented out 4 family house has been neglected by the landlord for years.

    notice the broken railing on the stairs and beaten up door.

    the lock has been broken for ages. thats why the thief was able to enter and hide.

    imagine being home alone with the baby and this happening was only matter of time.

    • 11. Ruvy wrote:

      I lived there for 4 years. Indeed I told the landlord he’s asking for something to happen. Trying to talk to an Israeli landlord is like banging your head against the wall.

  • 12. well wrote:

    it might sound interesting, but truthfully…..where are the ministers and other professionals for the black community? Where are the spiritual and psychological(etc) support services ????????????


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