Bochur Captured on Video Vandalizing 770

Shocking surveillance video captured a brazen act of vandalism to the building of 770. For over an hour an individual destroyed a part of the ceiling in ‘upstairs 770’ and removed a fan, which has been a part of the building since being constructed.

While renovations were being do to improve the lighting and appearance of the hallways and study halls of ‘upstairs 770’, one known vandal took advantage and stole an old relic that has been part of the original building of 770 since being constructed over 100 years ago.

The item, an exhaust ceiling fan, was reveled – along with many other interesting components, such as speakers and older fixtures – while the old drop ceiling was removed in order to make way for new air conditioning vents and upgraded LED lighting.

One morning people were shocked to discover a large gaping hole in the ceiling of the ‘small zal’.

A review of the surveillance video quickly revealed the culprit, Chaim Hecter Grossbaum, 22, an American Bochur who is no stranger to causing trouble in 770, is seen spending over an hour in the dead of night smashing the ceiling and later walking away with the fan hidden underneath his suit jacket.

Rabbi Chaim Boruch Halberstam confronted Grossbaum and demanded that he return the fan, which he rebuffed.

Rabbi Halberstam, who is the custodian and member of Vaad Bedek Habayis that was appointed personally by the Rebbe, said that the fan was original to the building and in line with past instructions of the Rebbe nothing was every removed or changed that was not necessary – so for over 100 years the fan remained.

A police report was filed and recently Grossbaum was arrested outside 770 and was charged with Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and Petit Larceny, both misdemeanors. He was released on his own recognizance the following morning. reached out to the Hanholo of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim 770 who immediately distanced themselves from Grossbaum, “he is not part of the Yeshiva, he never was, he took a room in 749 by force and without permission and he eats in the Yeshivas lunchroom without permission,” they said.


    • 3. Igromat wrote:

      To all you soft on criminals ask the
      CrownHeights.Info to please publish the Video how this Grosbaum together with his gang are defacing the קה”ת display in 770
      Please publish the video how he trying to brake in to Rabbi Chodakovs office in 770,
      Please publish the video how is taking out the Rebbe’s Bima for Krias Hatora from 770 in Shabbos,
      Please speak to the Gaboim of 770 about the non stop terror this individual is committing, non stop for the last 4 years in the Rebbe’s Shul.
      He is a Terrorist & and needs to be treated as one.

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    Is that someone sleeping on the bench?

    If Rabbi Halbershtam is in charge – how does he let that happen?

    • 5. Joseph wrote:

      Because it’s not theft!!!!
      It’s just a bocur that fell asleep, not someone who moved in.
      What I just wrote is common sense.

    • 6. Anonymous wrote:

      Actually – it is a homeless person! As you can see that he does not have socks (what buchur that must falls asleep takes off his socks) and that with all that nice he isn’t getting up, meaning that he is there for the night.

  • 7. 1933 wrote:

    770 was built in 1933 and is not 100 years old.

    Once already mentioning the ceiling being fixed online again. Credit should be giving to where’s it’s due: Rabbi Mordechai Nagel payed for the entire project!

    • 9. Yossel wrote:

      Probably “788” the old building adjacent to 770 (where the main shul is downstairs) is 100 years old. From the outside it looks pretty decrepit…

  • 11. tomim wrote:

    The one who watched him stand on the table and set up the ladder should be held partially responsible.

  • 12. oy wrote:

    The bad news- he seems to be mentally ill? Maybe needs treatment? What is wrong with this country!?

    The good news- he was careful not to step on the sleeping people.

    The other bad news- What are people doing sleeping there???? Seriously, that is not ok, what is going on???

    • 14. anonymous wrote:

      Maybe the guy that is sleeping on the bench does not have any where else to go, and sleeping in 770 on the benches is old news

  • 15. Without permission? wrote:

    So he’s squatting in 749, stealing food from the lunch room and repeatedly causes trouble in 770?
    And no one has thrown him out?

    • 16. A CH Parent wrote:

      For the safety of those who are part of the Yeshiva, why have authorities not been contacted to remove him????

      If my child was rightfully there I would be fuming.

  • 17. yoni wrote:

    Wow. That Sucks. Thats a sickness……No words……his parents should SLAP him in front of everybody……Wow, such a disgrace……

    I would NEVER EVER EVER TOLERATE (my) Chiled to do such thing. (No matter which condition that person is)

    Wow, I CAN’T GET OVER IT…….

    Very very SICK thing to do.

    HE SHOULD GET PRISON TIME, (or go to counseling)……….

    Just my opinion.

  • 18. Chaim G wrote:

    I thought better of you ch info. Is this news worthy? Do we really have to know which bochur is doing which meshugasim and getting arrested?

    Sure it’s wrong what he did, but why is this something to gossip about? I’m sure he has issues that needs dealing with, but what good will publicizing this do?

    Let’s stop this straight out loshon hara and try working on making the world a better place instead of focusing on the negativities…

    • 20. L'toeles wrote:

      To embarass him so he stops
      To warn others, so they don’t follow suit.
      To bring attention to the problem so the hanhalah takes action before THEY are held culpable when someone is hurt be this mentally ill person whom they are sheltering
      And maybe so his parents with wake up, do the necessary legal paperwork and have him committed to a mental health facility while there is still a chance to reform him

  • 21. What or who wrote:

    “Rabbi Halberstam, who is the custodian and member of Vaad Bedek Habayis that was appointed personally by the Rebbe,”
    Rabbi Halberstam was appointed by the Rebbe? The vaad was appointed by the Rebbe?
    Does anyone know the history of this? Can’t seem to find this anywhere in recorded Lubavitch history.

    • 22. Igromat wrote:

      Look in “Igros Kodesh”
      Then edit your comments

  • 23. Joshua wrote:

    With all due respect to Moiser on a bocher for such a thing is shameful ,perhaps they should appreciate the affinity that some bocherim still have for everything associated with the Rebbe, and yes he should have just asked for an ancient fan and if the people doing the work shared the same affinity I imagine they would graciously grant wishes and share remnants to the bocherim who really care…..but apparently it ain’t so …..rather sad. And to all the naysayers perhaps look in the mirror and think of the last time you actually for a start put your siddur back on the shelf in 770 ……..makes you think doesn’t it

  • 24. Pashkvil wrote:

    Lock him up, once and for all and THROW AWAY THE KEY! ALL HE DOES IS TROUBLE, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

  • 25. how old is old wrote:

    The “old” drop ceiling (in the cheder sheni and in the hallway) was installed less than 10 years ago by the Rabkin brothers.

  • 26. CH Bubby wrote:

    All those who want to comment and don’t know how to spell, go learn English instead of showing off what you don’t know.

  • 27. Not sure I understand wrote:

    If the fan was inside the ceiling this whole time and was only now discovered due to the renovations, what exactly is its significance? Wouldn’t it have had to be removed anyway? Seems like a silly thing to make a fellow Yid spend a night in jail over.

  • 28. Enough wrote:

    What did he do wrong since when do we put people in prison who wouldn’t want a peice of 770 if it was my son I would be happy my son unfourtanly is Fri this is the biggest nachas for a parent . he took it during construction that’s OK. How many people took broken benches.

    • 29. Crazy for colors. wrote:

      I can now understand why your son is not interested in Judaism.
      With a parent like yourself you should be happy that he’s not working for isis.

  • 30. Fake News - sad! wrote:

    This is really not important news that everyone needs to know. What he did was wrong, but ch info clearly has an agenda.

    what this guy did is more weird/strange than menacing.

  • 31. דער איד wrote:

    כל הכבוד לחיים ברוך! צריכים לנקות את 770 מהעבריינים פורעי החוק

  • 32. להזכיר ממעללי חיים גרוסבאום wrote:

    חיים גרוסבאום נזרק מאוהלי תורה בסוף שנת הלימודים תשע”ד

    ואז ביחד עם יונה שיפרין, הם פרצו לחדר .
    שהיה ריק זמנית. החליפו מנעול הוסיפו מיטת קומותיים והואילו בטובם להביא לבחור
    מפתח לחדר

    היה מעורב בנסיון פריצה לחדר של חדקוב

    היה מעורב בבלאגן שהיה בחלוקת דולרים ההזויה.

    הוא גם היה מעורב בפריצות ב 749.
    ובהסתרת החפצים הגנובים

    השתתף בהשחתת ארון קה”ת בכסלו ע”ו

    טוב מאוד שעושים לו סוף

    אגב הוא צוטט כמי שאמר “אני לא פוחד לשבת בכלא , אהיה כמו הרביים שישבו”

    מעניין מה הוא אומר עכשיו

  • 33. Lawrence wrote:

    #10 written with feeling
    Too true
    Let’s extend hand of friendship instead of critic
    Things are replaceable human feelings emotions and human life are not!
    People matter
    Things don’t

  • 34. Ohel Bocher wrote:, this article greatly Disturbed me.

    There are so many real terror that the Mishichistim do, why the need to make up or blow up non sense??!!

    Among several other details sensored out of the story, is a very crucial one.

    Hecter agreed to go to a Rav and follow his role, but Chaim B. Halbershtam refused.

    I think this places the entire story in a different prespectiv.

    Also, may I point out, of this would of token place in the 90s, I’m more than 100% sure that the average Bocher would of taken it. It doesn’t bother a soul.

    But because it’s a Meshichist that did it, it turns into Terror. Seriously??

    There is REAL terror going on, why focus on pity non sense?!?!

    • 35. מ'ליגט טיף אין גלות wrote:

      Are you serious? He vandalized the holy walls of 770 and then went running to say “lets go to a Rov” and that is ok?

      Absolutely not!

      Over Gimmel Tammuz I saw signs that said “דער רבי לעבט דא אין עולם הזה הגשמי” [the Rebbe is living here in this physical world] and in this presence he went and destroyed the Rebbes holy house?!

      And while on the subject of “terror”, you seem the only one to have mentioned it. In this article it classily omitted any reference to “terrorism” and “mishachisim” yet אויף דער גנב ברענט דעם היטל…

      Give me a brake and stop condoning this thugishness and hooliganisim. If you behave lawlessly you will be arrested and prosecuted. No excuses, no exceptions.

  • 36. resident wrote:

    if he is not american have him deported. if he is american too bad on us.
    yes, his name needs to be publicized so we can be aware of such a person especially when it comes to a shidduch. would YOU not want to know?

  • 37. To lawrence wrote:

    So its ok to do what he did? Doesnt halacha mean anything anymore?

  • 40. Curious wrote:

    And was released. Give me a break. In this day 770 needs 24 hour security.

  • 41. disappointed wrote:

    at least one person had to get in his shmear his Lashon Harah & Rechilus. This story to begin with should not have been publicized.For strters it shows the weakness of the Hanholah. To say that this Bachur who shouldn’t be there has a room he commandeered & they can’t get him out is unacceptable! for whatever reason they don’t or won’t is the truth. It doesn’t matter If Chayim Baruch was appointed by the Rebbe in the past or not for the sake of this. He is one of the people in charge now &that is enough. it’s also irreverent when it was updated or why it is being done now its their choice they felt the need etc. the bigger question is why is this Bachur still allowed to be in 770? where is the supposed security? Unfortunately the real story here is the failure of the Hanholah & the Gabboyim to prevent any mischief etc in my opinion itis further proof that the Gabboyim need to be replaced & at the very least there needs to be young strong & fresh blood added to the Hanholah who will oversee the day to day things needed & not put up with the bs!

  • 42. So... This makes tons of sense wrote:

    “ reached out to the Hanholo of Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim 770 who immediately distanced themselves from Grossbaum, “he is not part of the Yeshiva, he never was, he took a room in 749 by force and without permission and he eats in the Yeshivas lunchroom without permission,” they said.”


  • 44. deep is a understatement wrote:

    to 28 if you would just look in the bottom corner of the sign you would see that it is a quote from the rebbe BTW if you would learn the sicha you would see that it is not taken out of context !!!

  • 45. Mashpia wrote:

    Sending a Jew to jail for a fan?
    Come on!
    This is more insane than what the Bochur did

  • 46. Seriously wrote:

    To all you haters, Kanoi’im and baalei Lashon Hara.

    Do you seriously think Anyone would “vandalize” anything for a 100 year-old fan that is probably not even worth $2?! (“removed a fan, which has been a part of the building since being constructed”)

    I would rather dan l’chaf zechus and say that there were other reasons.

  • 47. Mm wrote:

    This is not a “mesira”???? It’s just a
    fan (what’s the big deal ) we can’t deal with
    this ourselfs …(?)

  • 48. Lawrence wrote:

    Everyone is. Baal Halocho now!!!!!
    There is so much Sino in CH, religious Sino
    Before Gimmle Tamuzz Could not have happened

  • 49. mhi wrote:

    it is not ok to overlook mental health issues in our community. There are now resources for services to help people. It is not a shanda to get help. It is a shanda to NOT get help!! Lets continue to develop Mental Health Services in our great Crown Heights.

  • 50. CH Bubby wrote:

    Bochur didn’t just fall asleep there, another one was asleep on the next row. So it’s probably not unusual.
    Surprised they didn’t wake up during that time, though actually I don’t see the one next to the table at the end of the video unless he was covered with something.

  • 51. Not necessary! wrote:

    What is the gain of posting such an article, maybe think of the effect such an article could have on the bochurs family who do not agree with his actions…
    The effect on a sister who is currently looking for a shiduch and then has an article like this be posted about her brother ..
    Really not right.
    Posting this doesn’t cause any good, in no way will it change the bochur from his ways.
    Just does damage to an innocent lubavitcher mishpocha!

    • 52. Someone wrote:

      The terrorist friend posted signs in all over Crown Heights against Rabbi Halberstam. Disturbing them and his family.
      It’s look to me as a proportional response.
      Pecan complains again witness intimidation but I choose not to do it beside of that is just small article.

      The main reason is the terrorist still exist is because the people around them still give them support

  • 53. The Accomplice wrote:

    The second bochur is an accomplice, in the role of “look out” guy. He is aiding and abetting and a full partner in this crime. Why hasn’t he been named and charged?????

  • 54. gghost60 wrote:

    if you do the crime then you do time in jail. send the bill to his parents.


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