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Suspected Car Burglar Found in Possession of Loaded Handgun

A man who is likely behind a string of car burglaries in Crown Heights was arrested early Tuesday morning after police found him sleeping inside a vehicle.

The officers, Daniel Oh and Triston Trunk, both of whom are part of a new community policing plan, have been hard at work trying to curtail a recent surge of car break-ins in the neighborhood.

Officers Oh and Trunk are assigned to “sector boy”, which is between Eastern Parkway and Empire Boulevard, and between New York Avenue and Rochester Avenue.

Early Tuesday morning the officers, who have been taking nightshifts, were on patrol and spotted Charvis McCracken, 45, sleeping inside a parked vehicle. The officers stopped him and during a search they discovered he was carrying a fully loaded handgun.

He was arrested and charged with Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

Crown Heights Shomrim have been in constant touch with the NCO officers and helped coordinate between the victims of car burglaries and the officers, as well as located surveillance video in related cases.

Police sources told that McCracken has a history of priors which include arrested for assault, drugs and larceny. He also has a pending case in Kings County Criminal Court for stealing a vehicle.

Sources added that he recently moved into the area and currently lives in Crown Heights.

“A special thank you goes to officers Oh and Trunk who have been going above and beyond in their efforts to make Crown Heights a safer place,” said a coordinator of Crown Heights Shomrim, “They along with the NCO program is great example of how we can work together as a community to make our streets safer.”

Police believe that there are a number of additional car burglars breaking into cars all over the neighborhood.


    • 2. Robert Rosado wrote:

      Yeah but he is turning in other people and the police allow him to continue to do the same things over and over while there are still victims being robbed because he is telling lies to the cops and getting paid now that’s wrong he should be jailed so he can pay for what he has done to those people and the people he snitched on just to get a pass from the police it’s like a license to robb and steal ……

  • 3. xo wrote:

    he got comfortable with his “success”, so he was more vulnerable. Its about time.
    and good job to the Police. Thankyou


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