Teacher Out in Park with Students Assaulted

On Sunday afternoon, a teacher at the Ohr Menachem Boys’ School took his class to Lincoln Terrace Park (AKA Rochester Park) for recess. While there, a man walked over to the teacher and assaulted him in a completely unprovoked attack.

The incident occurred yesterday, Sunday, June 19, in the late afternoon at Lincoln Terrace Park, near the corner of Rochester Ave. and President Street in Crown Heights.

The teacher was watching his students as they played in the park for recess when the assailant walked over to him and punched him in the face.

The attack was completely unprovoked, and no words were exchanged between the assailant and his victim.

The attacker was described as an African-American male in his early 20s, wearing a ‘do rag’ on his head.

The teacher was lightly injured in the attack, and declined medical attention.

Shomrim assisted the victim in filing a criminal report with the NYPD.


  • 1. ch resident wrote:

    Since when is African American a new color?????
    Either he is black or white not african american. If he gets insulted with being black then he should never have started on a white person

  • 2. Chani wrote:

    What is wrong with people? I hope the students were not too afraid seeing a boy (I refuse to call the attacker a man a man would not attack a person like that!) attack their teacher like that.
    It’s ridiculous one can’t even stand in a park without fear of being attacked!

  • 4. really? wrote:

    an african american? i can’t believe it. what a surprise! lol!

  • 5. Sad wrote:

    The teachers from Ohr Menachem are so sweet with our yigelach! They only deserve happiness and health.

    Moshiach Now!!

  • 6. New "Safe" Park? wrote:

    1) “A brand-new $3 million playground for Crown Heights neighborhood kids is in the works at Lincoln Terrace Park on Rochester Avenue.”
    2) “Straddling four police precincts and the border between Brooklyn’s North and South patrol boroughs, Crown Heights’ Lincoln Terrace Park has become a gangsters’ paradise for petty thieves who prey on victims in one precinct and thwart law enforcement by escaping through another, police said.”
    3) Seems like it will take more than $3 million in security measures to safely enjoy the new park…
    Moshiach Now!!!


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