12-Year-Old Crown Heights Girl Latest ‘Knockout’ Victim

A 12-year-old girl in Crown Heights is the latest victim of a knockout attack. The girl’s father says his daughter was simply walking back from the grocery store on East New York Avenue Tuesday night when a man on a bike attacked her.

From News 12 Brooklyn:

Surveillance video from the market nearby shows the 12-year-old walking home at around 7 p.m. A man on a bike can be seen riding quietly behind her.

The pre-teen says the man put out his hand, tripped her and punched her hard in the back. She says he then sped off on his bike.

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  • 2. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! wrote:

    am sure everyone is sickened and outraged about this, yet nothing is being done to stop this craziness.

    its time we attract attention to this with demonstrations,
    write in to our representatives, (YES they were elected to serve us) and not stop till something changes, seriously do we want our kids to grow up in such a neighborhood.

  • 3. yes it is crazy wrote:

    there’s one thing I don’t understand in this community why are we getting the knockout attacks what I’m trying to say is this whole thing is so ridiculous and it’s so crazy and dumb who are these people and what do they want from us

  • 4. crazy wrote:

    if that happened to me,i would catch this guy and make sure that his face would be inside out by the time i am finished with him.

  • 5. shame on you wrote:

    we have all heard about the knock outs lately, to the point that I an adult wont go out at night alon; shame on you that you send a little girl in the dark to buy your groceries;

  • 6. soon wrote:

    With the cold weather the shzutsim will crawl back under the rocks and into the holes from where they came and crime will go down as it does every year.


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