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April 2019
Sunday - 7 April
2 Nisan
Community Event
Pesach Event For Women Time : 8:15 PM - Tonight at 8:15 in the home of Rishe Deitsch, 667 Crown Street, the notable Mrs. Sarah Birnhack will speak about leaving our Meitzarim and getting ready for Pesach. All women are invited. Taste Pesach recipes (some of which were published in the N\\\'shei Chabad Newsletter) and meet Mrs. Birnhack, an accomplished and inspiring author, editor, principal, mother/grandmother/great-grandmother. We hope to see you at 8:15 tonight! Chanel Lipskier of the Crown Heights Women\\\'s Circle Rishe Deitsch of the N\\\'shei Chabad Newsletter
   667 Crown Street