Community Calender

March 2019
Sunday - 17 March
10 Adar II
Mendel Groner (Melbourne, Australia) to Perl Faygen (Crown Heights)
   935 Eastern Parkway, Basement
Chaim Levertov (Crown Heights) to Miri Vogel (Crown Heights) Time : 9:00 PM
   Beis Levi Yitzchok - 556 Crown Street - Corner Albany Avenue
Moshiach Shuir By Rabbi Herztel For Men Time : 9:00 PM
   Geshem Shul/anshei Lubavitch 578 Albany
Community Event
Costume Gemach Time : 11:00 AM - 718-998-7720 100's of new costumes available newborn - 2xl adult. 1941 East 14th St, from 11-5pm today Sunday 1st come 1st served.
   1941 East 14th St, Brooklyn