Community Calender

May 2018
Tuesday - 22 May
8 Sivan
Akiva Steinmetz (S. Paulo, Brazil) to Mushky Sudak (Crown Heights)
   Lubavitcher Yeshiva - 570 Crown Street - Corner Albany Avenue
Meir Chaim Brikman (Crown Heights) to Baila Lesches (Crown Heights)
   Jewish Childrens Museum - 792 Eastern Parkway - Corner Kingston Avenue
Community Event
Self- Defense Program. Time : 5:30 PM - chjcc. SELF- DEFENSE program. Classes for BOYS 6- 9years at 5.30p.m.boys 9-12years at 6.30p.m. Classes for 7.30pm. Class for TEENS at 8.30pm. Personal lessons.718 288 29 47
   899 Montgomery