Community Calender

February 2018
Thursday - 15 February
30 Shevat
Chaim Loschak (S. Barbara, Ca) to Mushkie Rodal (South Africa)
   The Shul, 481 Albany Ave.
Dovid Leib Glassner (Montreal, Canada) to Rochel (bas Velly) Karp (Crown Heights)
   Oholei Torah - 667 Eastern Parkway - Between Brooklyn and New York Avenue
Community Event
"self Defense Studio Ch". Time : 6:00 PM - "Self Defense Studio CH". Undergo a course of physical development,self-management and methods of self-defense.Boys 6-UP. 718 288 2947
   899 Montgomery
Community Event
"the Monitor Of The Male Health" Time : 8:15 PM - CHJCC.classes for men "THE MONITOR OF THE MALE HEALTH" Excess weight, problems with joints, spine, prostate gland-this system of exercises helps in a real way. 718 288 2947
   899 Montgomery