Community Calender

February 2018
Monday - 5 February
20 Shevat
Levi Kehaty (New Orleans, La) to Simi Greene (Tarzana, Ca) Time : 8:00 PM
   Beis Levi Yitzchok - 556 Crown Street - Corner Albany Avenue
Mendel Heber (Crown Heights) to Mirel Deitsch (Crown Heights)
   Oholei Torah - 667 Eastern Parkway - Between Brooklyn and New York Avenue
Community Event
"self Defense Studio Ch". Time : 7:00 PM - "Self Defense Studio CH". Undergo a course of physical development,self-management and methods of self-defense.Boys 6-UP. 718 288 2947.
   899 Montgomery
Community Event
"the Monitor Of The Male Health" Time : 8:15 PM - CHJCC.classes for men "THE MONITOR OF THE MALE HEALTH" Excess weight, problems with joints, spine, prostate gland-this system of exercises helps in a real way. 718 288 2947
   899 Montgomery