Community Calender

October 2017
Sunday - 15 October
25 Tishri
Shmuel Neft (Pittsburgh, Pa) to Ester Tyshenko (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine) Time : 8:00 PM
   The Besht 563 Empire Blvd
Community Event
"self Defense Studio Ch". Time : 6:00 PM - "Self Defense Studio CH".Undergo a course of physical development,self-management and methods of self-defense.Boys 6-10years at 6 p.m.Boys 10-15years at 7p.m. Men.Teens at 8.15.p.m. 718-288 2947.
   Chjcc New Gym.899 Montgomery St.
Community Event
Transforming A Country Time : 7:30 PM - The Vaad Talmidei HaTmimim, together with A Chassidisher Derher are pleased to invite Anash, Tmimim, Shluchim, and Orchim to this one-of-a-kind event, where the Shluchim will share details of this unique shlichus, the Rebbe’s intimate involvement, and its immense everlasting effect. The reunion will take place B’ezras Hashem on Sunday, 25 Tishrei (Isru Chag), at 7:30 p.m. in the Oholei Torah Beis Medrash 667 Eastern Parkway. A special video presentation will be shown, courtesy of JEM. A unique Teshura, containing rare documents and photos will also be distributed. The event will be followed by a Chassidisher Farbrengen with the shluchim.
   Oholei Torah - 667 Eastern Parkway - Between Brooklyn and New York Avenue