Community Calender

September 2017
Tuesday - 26 September
6 Tishri
Tzemach Greenfeld (Crown Heights) to Rashi Gold (Sharon, Ma)
   Beis Eliezer Yitzchok - 394 Kingston Avneue - Between Montgomery and Crown Street
Menachem Schmukler (Crown Heights) to Chanchy Nazrolai (Milan, Italy)
   Jewish Childrens Museum - 792 Eastern Parkway - Corner Kingston Avenue
Mendy Paul (Morristown, Nj) to Sandra Esther Bram (Northridge, Ca)
   Jewish Childrens Museum - 792 Eastern Parkway - Corner Kingston Avenue
60 Minutes With Rebbitzen Chana By Several For Everyone Time : 7:00 PM - Join us online tonight at 7:00pm EST for an incredibly inspiring program of great men and women and their encounters with this great woman who has given birth and raised the Tzadik and leader of our generation! Featuring: Rabbi Shmuel Butman Executive Director of LYO Rebbitzen Sara Labkowski Executive Director of Machon Chana Rebbitzen Sara Katzman Administrator of Machon Chana Rabbi Michoel Seligson Instructor at Machon Chana Rabbi Levi Kaplan Mashpia at Machon Chana Rebbitzen Henya Laine Crown Heights, Brooklyn Rebbitzen Riva Junik Antwerp, Belgium
   Online (facebook: Machon Chana Women's Institute And Youtube Search For "60 Minutes With Rebbitzen Chana"
Community Event
"self Defense Studio Ch" Time : 6:00 PM - "Self Defense Studio CH".Undergo a course of physical development,self-management and methods of self-defense.Boys 6-10years at 6 p.m.Boys 10-15years at 7p.m. Men.Teens at 8.15. 718-288 2947.
   Chjcc New Gym.899 Montgomery St.