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April 2017
Thursday - 6 April
10 Nisan
Community Event
Chjcc New Gym Time : 6:00 PM - Chjcc new gym. Gymnastic,acrobatics for boys. Very useful for correction of posture, develops concentration and attention. Disciplined. 5-9 years 6-7p.m. 10-14 years at 7-8p.m "MEN'S HEALTH CLUB" 8.00-9.00p.m..Problems with joints, prostate, spine, overweight.Reductive gymnastics for men.Instructor, i Master with 20 years of experience.Morning and evening groups. "SELF DEFENSE CLASSES FOR MEN" 9.15-10p.m. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.Any age.718 288 2947 Alexander Tubis.
   Chjcc New Gym.899montgomery