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Stop Smearing Yeshivas: They Provide Quality Education

In Sundays edition of the New York Daily News, Avi Schick, a lawyer and a former New York Deputy Attorney General who is representing the targeted yeshivas, points out a “false note” in the letter from the Department of Education alleging that they were denied access to some yeshivas, and goes on to clarify that those yeshivas do not receive government funding.

PEARLS Accuses YAFFED of Slander following DOE Letter

Parents for Educational and Religious Liberty in Schools {PEARLS], an organization founded in defense of Ultra Orthodox schools, accused Young Advocates for Fair Education [YAFFED], an advocacy group which aims to “improving secular education” in those schools, of slander following the release of a 14-page letter from the city’s Department of Education.

New York Times Endorses Clarke Opponent in Primaries

Seeking to unseat the local incumbent, Adem Bunkeddeko is challenging Rep. Yvette Clarke in the Ninth Congressional District, which represents parts of Brooklyn including Crown Heights. Though he faces an uphill battle, he received support from the New York Times who endorsed him over the incumbent, citing her lack of legislative accomplishments during her tenure.

BBC Corrects Story Linking Chabad and Trump’s Lawyer

A BBC story purportedly linking Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and the Ukrainian President through a ‘charity’ called Chabad of Port Washington was denied by Shliach Rabbi Shalom Paltiel, and the BBC issued a clarification to the original story.

Event to Focus on Addiction & Mental Health

A newly formed organization is hosting its first event focused on dealing with mental health and addiction. The organization – – dedicated to creating a healthy inner life for our youth by providing the platform, resources, and education needed to empower us all to support our youth more effectively.

Yeshiva Hanhalah Decries ‘Shfichas Domim’ Video

A video, which circulated on social media, showing a group of Bochurim removing a certain sign from the bookcases of the Chovevei Torah Zal, prompted the Hanholoh to release a strong statement condemning the video, and clarifying that the matter had already been resolved internally, and that number of the Bochurim in the video had nothing to do with the actions of those few.