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Non-Jewish CB 9 Member Bravely Fights Zoning Vote Scheduled on Yomtov

Brooklyn Community Board 9, which represents the Jewish half of Crown Heights along with Lefferts-Gardens, scheduled a vote on a controversial zoning issue which directly affects the Jewish community on the holiday of Simchas Torah, effectively preventing the Jewish community’s participation in the deliberation and vote. One non-Jewish member of the board bravely spoke out against this outrage, and thankfully she was able to prevent the vote from taking place.

FDA Discovers Systemic Problems at Ossie’s

The Food and Drug Administration has issues and alert and immediately suspending the registration and authorization of SM Fish Corp. – which produces many seafood based ready to eat products under the brands of Ossie’s and Ossie’s Gourmet. An inspection by the FDA revealed the facility to be widely contaminated with Listeria, a germ that can cause a rare but serious, sometimes fatal illness.

Rosenbaum Family Denounces ‘Festival’ to Mark Riots

As we approach the 25th Yahrtzeit of Yankel Rosenbaum, HYD, who was murdered in cold blood on account of being a Jew during the infamous Crown Heights riots in the summer of 1991, the Rosenbaum family has reacted with shock and indignation that the anniversary of the riots will be marked with a ‘neighborhood festival.’

R’ Wosner: Saying Rebbe Opposed Eruv Is a Lie

Rabbi Bentzion Yaakov Wosner, Av Beis Din Shevet Halevi Monsey-Beit Shemesh, has come out with a second letter in support of the Crown Heights Eruv, laying down the Halachic basis for its validity, and going so far as to claim that “it’s impossible that the Lubavitcher Rebbe was opposed to the construction of an Eruv in Crown Heights, and that anyone who says so is being deceitful.”

Judge Rules Against Merkos on Logo Infringement

On Monday, a Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, led by Rabbi Yehudah Krinsky, against Vaad L’Hafotzas Sichos, led by Rabbi Zalman Chanin, seeking injunctive relief for the Vaad’s unauthorized use of the Kehot logo on volumes of Likutei Sichos and other publications.

Maple Street Shul Dispute Settled

After over four years of fighting and litigation, the dispute over control of Congregation Ahavas Mosche of Crown Heights, popularly known as ‘the Maple Street Shul,’ has been settled amicably by both sides. On the day before Gimmel Tammuz, four members of the Shul have signed a letter of apology to the Shul’s caretaker of over 40 years, Rabbi Eli Blachman, and agreed to no longer seek control of or interfere with the affairs of the Shul.

Col. Goldstein Sues Borough President Adams

Col. Jacob Goldstein, formerly the chairman of Community Board 9, which encompasses the southern portion of Crown Heights, has filed a Federal lawsuit against Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights by firing him from the board for speaking out to the media.